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a response to the coronavirus 

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these are challenging days for us all. so how do we respond as christians? if you would like to offer help to people in our community, We have lots of ideas on how you can do it - click here to see them!

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a message from derek page

The coronavirus has hit our world with the devastation of a cataclysmic tsunami. Our country and our local community are struggling to cope with its unforeseen impact and many folks are anxious and unsettled by this pandemic. We are right to be worried about the spread of Covid-19. Most of us worry about how this unseen enemy might infiltrate our homes and our families.


It is important, however, to remind ourselves that we are not fighting this singlehandedly and alone. We are part of a great community – the Ruislip community! If we all work together, heed the advice of the government and do whatever we can to support each other, there will be light at the end of this dark tunnel.


Ruislip Baptist Church was founded in 1937 and, as a local church, we have been involved in our community for over 80 years. Two years after the church was formed, we, along with our entire community, were caught up with the rest of the nation in the dreadful events of the Second World War. It seems like we are at war again but on this occasion with an invisible Covid-19 enemy.


As a local church we are totally committed, along with the other churches in Ruislip, to wanting the best for our community. This is our community too. We live here, work here, and our family and friends live on the doorstep. Ruislip is more than our home – it’s the place we love and feel called to serve.


So, like you, we are concerned about the current situation both at a national and local level. It is this concern that challenges us to act and do something positive. We want to help people within our community wherever we can and however we can.


I know from the numerous conversations I have had with local people that many of you are worried and anxious. I am also aware that lots of folks are isolated and are feeling alone and vulnerable. If you need to speak to someone, if you’d value a listening ear at the end of the phone, we can provide that. We can’t answer all your questions, but we can listen sympathetically to the things that concern you at the moment.

As well as praying for our community we want to offer practical support to you and if we are unable to meet your needs we will try and point you in the direction of someone who can. If you need some help or want someone to talk to, please email or phone 01895 631239.


Finally, as a minister at Ruislip Baptist Church for 35 years, can I encourage you to reach out to God at this time? Why not pray to Him? You might never have prayed before or maybe just not for a while. Well, why not start today? You don’t need fancy words, just tell God what’s on your heart and in your head. Your fears, your concerns, and – yes – your future plans and aspirations. Our wonderful Ruislip community has a future beyond Covid-19!

I am convinced that with God’s help and by working together we will get through this and that our community will be better off on account of the care and support we have shown one another.


There is more than a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

we'd love to help you get - and give - some practical support

As we continue to support one another during these extraordinary times we are so grateful to the very many people, organisations and small businesses that are continuing to operate many under difficult and challenging circumstances. Many of them, particularly charities, will be struggling, and so perhaps you could consider supporting some of these, particularly those in our area.









The Hillingdon Food Bank is unable to pick up it’s normal supplies from the many organisations, including RBC, who support them, and yet the need for food and supplies is needed now more than ever. When you are next shopping and there is a collection box in the supermarket why not consider buying some extra goods to put in it - and whilst the staple foods needed, why not put something special in, some fancy biscuits, some cans of salmon instead of spam or some chocolate; perhaps a treat or something a child would be thrilled to receive? Or alternatively you can donate directly by going to their website











The Michael Sobell Hospice provides care, comfort and support for local people facing life limiting illnesses. The coronavirus outbreak means that they are facing a serious funding shortfall. With all community activity halted, fundraising events cancelled and shops ​closed, many of their income streams have stopped almost overnight. If you would like to support them please visit their website.










Nationally there is a shortage of scrubs, worn by healthcare workers as they continue to care for and support those in our hospitals and hospices. For The Love of Scrubs, is a Hillingdon Working Group who have over 200 volunteers making scrubs, which will delivered to Hillingdon and Harefield Hospitals.

Sital Punja, who owns and runs Threads, a local business operating nearby to Ruislip Baptist Church, has volunteered her own services and that of her business, Threads London Ltd. Sital has become a manager of For the Love of Scrubs and her premises are now a central depot for cutting, collecting and dispatching the scrubs.

If you are gifted in sewing, have any spare fabric (must be poly cotton 65/35 that can be washed at 65 degrees) or would like to donate so that they can buy fabric, then please go here, where you can also contact Sital directly.

And don’t forget our local shops. Many elderly and vulnerable people are not able to drive to supermarkets or queue for a long time and are relying on local shops and services. Perhaps a thank you to them and a promise to continue to support them after this crisis is over could make a real difference.

need help?


The London Borough of Hillingdon is able to provide support to local residents who are vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak. If you need additional support, are a resident who is at very high risk, or you would like some advice about fraud awareness then click here for help. You can also use link if you would like to volunteer to help deliver support. 













Sadly over there has been a significant increase in the level of domestic violence. From 1st May, victims of domestic abuse will be able to access safe spaces at Boots pharmacies consultation rooms where they can contact specialist domestic abuse services for support and advice.  Launched by the charity Hestia, who RBC support as part of their Safe House ministry, the scheme is in response to the desperate situation facing many victims who are isolating with perpetrators during lockdown.   












The charity H4all is working alongside the London Borough of Hillingdon to provide a central support service for residents of Hillingdon who are most at risk. If you or anyone else you know is in need of support to do shopping, collect or deliver prescriptions or would like someone to talk to then please pass the phone number on to them.

Coronavirus help
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