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RBC'S History

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In 1937 local Christians founded a Baptist Church in the new suburb of Ruislip Manor. 


A wooden hall was built on the present site in 1937.  By 1950 the church needed a permanent building which was built adjacent to the wooden structure. This was a red-brick hall, which was to the right of the present entrance area.


Very soon more extensive facilities were needed and in 1960 the building was extended to include the present sanctuary, and a main entrance area, a kitchen, and some extra rooms.


The church purchased the property now known as the "Sidewalk", adjacent to the main building and this opened for use in 2000, providing offices, and space dedicated to youth work.














A major building project involved demolition of the old church hall in February 2011, followed by months of redevelopment to provide considerably improved facilities. The new hall and upper floor included a more open welcome area, more meeting rooms, a larger kitchen, and improved facilities in various areas. A lift enabled disabled access to the upper level of the sanctuary for the first time, as well as to the new upstairs rooms.


Funded by the congregation, this redevelopment provided improved buildings to serve the community, give us flexibility for events, improved access for all (especially those with disabilities), and provide buildings able to serve us for the longer-term. This new build became fully open in time for Christmas 2011.


This is mainly the history of the church building, but the church in terms of the people - the fellowship - has also grown and developed. The numbers have increased as more people have joined through moving into the area, coming with friends, looking for somewhere that opens the Bible in preaching, provides ministry and Christian involvement for all ages, and those who come through Alpha to explore what Christianity is about. From just a handful of Christians, we now see hundreds gather each week on Sundays and many during the week.

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