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our mission partners

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We see mission as based in our local community, through the church, but it's much more than just local mission. It includes supporting the spread of God’s kingdom across the world.

partner organisations

We support a number of individuals, families and organisations in their mission work around the world. Click on the name of each organisation to find out more on their individual websites.

ACTS Institute

ACTS work across India, in education, environment and social entrepreneurship.

Arab World Ministries

Sharing the good news of Jesus in the Arab world.

Baptist Home Mission

Helping churches and individuals bring the love to God to their communities


BMS works with some of the most marginalised people in some of the most fragile places on Earth.

Breadline Moldova

Breadline empowers churches in Eastern Europe to build ministries that impact their communities.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

A human rights organisation specialising in freedom of religion and belief.


A campaign and advocacy group supporting adults and children in crisis across London.

London School of Theology

Europe's largest evangelical theology college.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

MAF use aviation and technology to reach isolated people with God's love.


Serving the church and bringing the gospel to the people of East Asia.

Operation Agri

A development charity that supports Christian-led development projects in three continents.


Making God's love visible through Christian satellite TV by and for the people of the Middle East and North Africa.


A faith-based organisation serving language communities worldwide.

Spurgeons Childrens Charity

Giving vulnerable children and families the chance of a better future through intervention and support services. 

Spurgeon's College

Providing Christ-centred and biblically rooted training for mission and ministry.


Tearfund work with churches around the world, on issues of poverty and when disasters strike.

Three Eighteen

A Christian development NGO working in Zambia.

Through the Roof

A Christian disability charity working to transform lives in the UK and overseas.


Making disciples of Jesus in the student world.

tools with a mission

TWAN is a Christian charity that collects work tools – that then get cleaned, refurbished and sent overseas. 

"Sending good quality tools into Uganda, Nigeria and India provides an opportunity for those receiving them to earn a living and make the first step to change their world. Please join me in supporting Tools with a Mission in this important work" - Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu

At the moment TWAM especially need carpentry hand tools and plain wheelchairs. But any tools in the following categories would be useful:
Motor mechanics including trolley jacks and ramps 
Builders, electricians and plumbing 
Electric power tools: drills, sanders, planers.  
Bench and band saws 
Sewing machines 
Knitting machines  (complete) 
Laptops     Flat screen computers 
Sewing and craft items    
Garden forks, spades, hoes, rakes,  
Sledge hammers, pick axes. 
Educational text books 
Adult mountain bikes  
Men’s bikes (not racing bikes) 
Manual typewriters 
Motor lawnmowers, strimmers, chainsaw. 


They cannot accept, glass jars, gas bottles, electric hedge cutters and lawnmowers. For further information see their website.

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