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Worship is about thanking God for who He is and all that He has done, it is about enjoying Him. Our whole lives are meant to be shaped by worshipping God, and gathering together to worship is central to this.


We have two regular Sunday worship services, at 10.30am and 6.30pm. Anyone is welcome to come and join us to worship God together or to find out a bit more about us at RBC.

The morning worship service includes a crèche and a range of children’s and youth groups that run simultaneously with the service. These are also open to any visitors. We have a large and lively children’s and youth ministry, with many families in the church fellowship. The congregation in the morning is all-age, from 0 to 90!


The evening worship service includes similar opportunities for praise, prayer and teaching. Refreshments are served afterwards.


Hand in Hand are our group for deaf Christians, who join us for the main morning worship service twice a month, where we have a signing interpreter (usually 1st and 3rd Sundays). On the other Sundays they have a separate worship and teaching time in one of the church rooms.


Both services include times of worship by singing, prayer, and listening to God’s Word together as the Bible is read and preached. The sermons are also available as electronic downloads from here.


The services are usually led by our ministers, but many other people are also involved. A range of songs are used, from traditional hymns to more contemporary songs, led by a group of musicians. The style is a mix of formal and informal.

We regularly remember Christ’s death for us by sharing in a communion service, and celebrate the baptism of believers as this is requested.


A loop system operates for those with hearing difficulties. The church building has ready access for wheelchair users, and a lift to the upper level.


There is also a range of other opportunities for prayer, Bible study and fellowship during the week. Many of these events are in small groups, meeting at various times typically in people’s homes. These groups are informal and friendly.


Please contact the church office for more information, or come along and visit us!

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